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WAHM Link Love for November 18, 2008
November 18, 2008

Do you know why it’s important to be involved in an online networking group? Maybe you are already a part of one. Chances are you probably are involved in some sort of online networking but this post (link above) over at Mom’s in a Blog by Tracy Roberts is still worth the read.

Outsourcing is always a hot topic. Many people want to take that next step of hiring someone to help them with projects but they think they can’t afford it or that they need to find the ‘cheapest’ possible way to outsource. Alice Seba crushes the myth that keeping outsourcing costs down increases profits on her Internet Marketing Sweetie blog. It’s a must read for those that are looking to outsource!

Brandie Kajino is your home office organizing queen. She knows her stuff and she also knows how easy it is to get caught up in doing what you love (after all isn’t that why you work from home in the first place? You love what you do. ). She knows it’s easy to devote so much time to it that you begin to feel overwhelmed. Don’t let yourself become victim to overwhelm instead follow her four steps to home office sanity.

Want to know what makes one person successful in internet marketing where 100’s of others drop out? Check out Nicole Dean’s blog post as she congratulates Jimmy D. Brown on finishing a marathon and uses that as an analogy to success in internet marketing.


WAHM Link Love for November 6, 2008
November 6, 2008

Check out the WAHM Swap Meet going on over at Sparkplugging. Offer up a trade for services or a great Christmas gift idea. Virtual Assistants, writers, graphic designers and more are all getting in on the action.

This mom is making a plan to become a work at home mom. She is considering the financial impact and what sort of tools she’ll need. If you’re a wannabe wahm, you’ll want to read this.

WAHM Biz Tips tells you how to find out who has stopped following you on Twitter.

Carrie Lauth’s Work at Home Wednesday features a mom blogger. She answers questions about how she makes money blogging.

Lisa shares resources to help work at home moms survive financial hard times. She points to a report that promises to help you live below your means. Since WAHMs are often called on to be frugal, this should be a good post to check out.

This is a great post about working at home and feeling isolated. Do you ever feel cut off? Check out this post and leave her an encouraging comment while you’re there.

Laureen, the Guide to Work at Home Moms would like you to stop by and share your Work at Home Moms tips.

This WAHM Blog shares excellent advice about Article Marketing. What it is and how it helps you with your internet based business.

This WAHM asks the question, ‘Is working at home even possible?’. Well, we know the answer to that – but her post is still a very good read.