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WAHM Link Love 2-19-09
February 20, 2009

Hey Virtual Assistants! Do you offer website and blog support to your clients? If so you should check out 7 Mistakes Virtual Assistants Make with Website and Blog Support.

Do you mix biz with taboo topics? That’s the tough question Tuesday Alice Seba presented to her readers. The ‘taboo’ topics Alice was referring to were politics and religion. It’s a good read and some great comments have been posted as well.

Carrie Lauth wrote a great post that should be checked out by all affiliate marketers. In Carrie’s post Affiliate Marketing Mistakes and Lessons she shares some tips that you should be doing as an affiliate marketer.

Do you know how to set yourself apart when marketing to internet marketers? With any business, you know that to compete you will need  to make your own informational items stand out from all the rest of them out there. You need to find a way to bring about your own uniqueness and there are some ways to do that. This post gives you some tips to follow.

Twitter is all the rage lately. It’s one of the top social networking avenues but did you know there are do’s and dont’s to promoting your business on Twitter?

Have you built a Facebook group or are you thinking about building one? Here are some tips, from The Edgy Entrepreneur, on building interaction in Facebook groups.


WAHM Link Love 2-12-09
February 12, 2009

Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Silly question – we all do. But is it as simple as build it and they will come? Maybe back in the early internet days but not anymore. Here are some tips to help you get that traffic you are looking for.

Think you need to be organized? Think again! Here are 3 reasons NOT to get organized.

It’s important to make sure that you are providing value for your readers. If you aren’t they probably won’t stick around. Did you know you can not only add value but market your business at the same time? Here are the top 3 business marketing tools for adding value.

If you offer coaching services this post is just for you. The point of coaching is that you enjoy helping others succeed and grow. But you need to stop and ask yourself who’s coaching the coach? I’m not a coach but I found this an interesting read!

Outstanding customer service is one way that we can stand out above the rest. This post doesn’t really relate to anything WAHM related but it’s well worth the read because it’s certainly an example of outstanding customer service and going above and beyond! This was a tear jerker so be forewarned you might need a kleenex!

Outsourcing is a great thing as a business owner. It frees up our time to work on bigger and better things. But don’t forget there are some things you shouldn’t outsource! This post by Leesa Barnes titled Why You Should Never Outsource Your Social Media Tasks & What You Should Delegate Instead is a great read!

Have you ever thought of social media being like survivor? Probably not. Jessica over at Jessica Knows created an interesting post why she thinks social media is like survivor.

WAHM Link Love 2-6-09
February 6, 2009

If you have a service based business I’m sure you can think off the top of your head one of your biggest mistakes. Over at Grow Your VA Biz she would like to hear from Virtual Assistants about their biggest mistake!

Over at Internet Marketing Sweetie Alice provided her readers with a great question. She wants to know what is it about your actual business that is keeping you from your ideal business. Too many projects? Doing task you hate? Head on over and leave her your answer.

I’m sure we all could use an extra $400 a week. Have you ever stopped and thought about how to break that down? Take a look at sell twenty things to twenty people and suddenly an extra $400 doesn’t seem so difficult.

Action breeds success! In other words what that means is that only through action will anything happen for you. That seems like a no brainer but all too often so many people miss this because they don’t take any action. This was a great post by Sandy over at Being a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) is a 24/7 Job.

Is the computer distracting you? This post starts off with a really cute poem but finishes with a tip that you can use to not let the computer be a distraction.

It may seem like having contact information on your blog is common knowledge but sometimes you’ll come across a blog and you want to contact them but can’t because there’s no info available to you. Make sure you are accessible to your readers!

Probably one of the hardest things for people to do when it comes to their business is marketing and spreading the word. Vera says it’s time to toot your own horn & spread the word!

Going along with what I posted above (tooting your own horn & spreading the word about your business) social media is one of the top ways to spread the word about your business and market yourself. But is there such a thing as social media overkill?