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WAHM Link Love 3-27-09
March 27, 2009

I think it’s probably common knowledge by now that the world of internet marketing is huge and you have to differentiate yourself from your competition. Here are some tips on how you can use a unique offering when marketing to internet marketers.

Building links is an important part of building your search engine ranking. So are you using RSS submission in your internet marketing strategy? What’s your opinion on submitting your RSS feeds to the RSS directories? Is it worth or not?

WordPress has become quite popular lately and not only as a blogging platform but even as content management sites, etc. If you have more than one WP blog or customize them for clients here is a WordPress tip to save time.

The state of the economy isn’t something that is going to stop being talked about anytime soon. Especially as more and more people are finding themselves without jobs, on unemployment, etc. Did you know that freelancing is a proactive move in this tough economy?

It’s been said before, content is king, and it will keep being said. Feeding your site with fresh content is imperative in order to keep your site updated. Not to mention the search engines love fresh content. Here are some free PLR articles and reports you can use.

Have you ever thought about working at home is like dieting? Laurie Ayers, a new writer on the Wahm 2.0 blog thinks it is. I was intrigued the minute I saw this title. I mean how could dieting and working at home be alike? By the time I got to the end of the post I realized that it wasn’t such a strange analogy at all. This was a great post to read!


WAHM Link Love 3-20-09
March 20, 2009

As soon as I saw the title of this post, Facebook vs. Twitter: What’s on Your Mind, What are You Doing?  I knew it was going to be an interesting read.

Do you have blogger’s block? Coming up with new content continuously can be tough. Here are some tips to help you cure your blogger’s block.

Going along with the above post and blogger’s block here is a great post on planning seasonal blog content in four easy steps. Planning doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult. Follow these four steps and you’ll have seasonal blog content all ready to go.

Marketing is such a huge part of the WAHM’s business. It’s important to market yourself and stand out above the crowd. Are you using the right marketing message? Make sure you are using the right channels to market your products/services to your target audience!

Social media marketing is so different than regular marketing. This post, Social Media Marketing: How It Works, over at The Edgy Entrepreneur was a great read. She talks about how actually not knowing (not having experience) in how ‘regular’ marketing works can make social media marketing easier.

I don’t know about you or what the weather is like where you live but I’m suffering from a serious case of cabin fever. This post, are you suffering from cabin fever wahms? over on the work at home mom’s talk radio blog will give you some helpful tips on how you can burst out of that feeling.

Getting on the Today Show, Thanks to Twitter was certainly an exciting read – it’s all about how a Twitter conversation landed her a position on The Today Show! Congratulations Wendy!!!

Do you often find yourself wondering what types of things you can outsource? Here are 20 Outsourceable Tasks for Small Business Owners.

WAHM Link Love 3-6-09
March 7, 2009

One of the great posts that I came across this week was by Carrie Lauth on her Blah Blah Blah blog. She talks about a current situation she is having problems with and one that other online business owners are having as well. She talks about people emailing, asking you to do stuff for them for free.

PLR content is becoming more and more popular amongst online business owners. It’s no wonder considering it can save you a ton of time, money and energy. Melissa Ingold wrote a great post about creative ways to make money from PLR reports.

Are you using an autoresponder system to create a list and provide content (newsletters, etc) to that list? You should be. A list can be a pretty important component to your business. If you aren’t using an autoresponder service yet you need to read this post autoresponders – are they really worth the money?

You might remember all the buzz awhile back about the book The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. This blog posts shares that while she hasn’t been able to create a four hour work week she’s been experimenting with a 4 hour work day, three days a week.

Do you use Google Analytics? Did you know you can increase your blog traffic with Google Analytics? Here is a post of one person’s journey of recently signing up with them and what Google Analytics really does/tells.

This post was worth mentioning because she truly does deserve the recognition for all her hard work! Wendy Piersall of SparkPlug CEO is going to be on The Today Show Tuesday, March 10th!

As WAHMs we often try to do it all. But is it really possible? Can WAHMs really do it all? This post is done by a blogging intern on WAHM Talk Radio and after some research Christie (the intern) shares what people told her about WAHMs doing it all.

I missed this post back at the end of February when she posted it and wanted to share because it was such a great post! She talks about how twitter is like the Bible.

WAHM Link Love 2-27-09
March 1, 2009

We all suffer from some form of perfectionism in our lives but is perfectionism getting in the way of your success? This is a great post of one person’s struggle with perfectionism in her life.

You work so hard to get visitors to your site. Obviously you don’t want them leaving once they get there but are you encouraging visitors to leave your site? Here is one tip you can do to help keep visitors on your site once they get there.

Getting publicity for our businesses is something we all want to do. It’s a great way to get traffic to your site and increase your credibilty as an expert in your field. Advertising can be expensive especially on a small business budget. Here are 4 tips to securing free publicity.

Branding is another very important aspect of your business. You need to be consistent with it as well – don’t be someone or something different on one site, something else on another site, etc. Here is a 5 point checlist for consistent branding.

If you need some advice on blogging you won’t want to miss Carrie Lauth”s 100 top blogging tips! It’s a free download!

People are drawn to images within a blog post. It’s visually appealing and just attracts the eyes to it. You can give each blog post a pretty face with Flickr.

Do you struggle with managing your time? It’s so easy to get caught up in Twittering, searching the web, blog reading , etc. If time management is something you struggle with here are some time management tips.

Do you use PLR to add content to your blog? There’s a really cool new WordPress plugin I just learned about it. And if you have a WordPress blog and use PLR you need to read all about the PLR to WordPress plugin.

After reading (and watching the video) this guest post, over at Jessica Knows, by Scott Stratten about why being a WAHM is bad for business it really made me stop and think. Scott gave some valuable information and if you are a WAHM you need to watch the video!