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WAHM Link Love 4-23-09
April 23, 2009

If you run an affiliate program and are looking for ways to recruit new affiliates you need to read How Not to Recruit Affiliates by Angela Wills of Marketers Mojo. She shares some tips on what NOT to do when approaching a possible affiliate.

If you are just starting out with virtual events (or even if you are a seasoned pro) you may be frustrated with low attendance and find yourself wondering how to increase it. Here are 5 Ways to Market Your Virtual Event So It Sells Out.

Do you ever provide anything for free on your website? If you don’t, you should. If you haven’t thought about it, you should. I’ve thought about it before but I honestly didn’t think it was really all that important. I mean I know everyone loves freebies but I didn’t think it was really that big of a deal. After reading Why Free Sells it totally changed my mind!

Advertising is something everyone wonders about. Where to do it, how much to spend, what’s going to get me the most bang for my buck, etc. What works for one person isn’t going to work for someone else. You have to advertise where you’ll reach your target market. Should You Advertise is a great post that you should read if you are a little unsure of advertising.

So you’ve finally decided that you are going to do it – an online business. Or maybe you’ve already started one but now you are wondering what things you need to put into place to not only make it successful but make it last. Most businesses don’t make it past the first few years. Here is a great post that is a must read for everyone – newbies or oldies, 8 Steps to Build an Internet Business That Will Last.

Customer service is very important. It’s one way you can even make yourself stand out above the rest of the crowd. Take a minute and think about things from a customer’s perspective. Thinking like a customer will allow you to provide outstanding service to them. Check out this post Here are 50 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew.


WAHM Link Love 4-17-09
April 17, 2009

Have you thought of lawn greetings as a way to start your own business in this tough economy? Maybe you’ve never even heard of lawn greetings (just for the record I hadn’t! LOL). Lawn greetings is certainly an interesting home business and if you would like to learn more make sure to check out the post and read about a free teleseminar coming up on April 22nd.

I don’t even remember how I found this post, 10 Free Tools Every Freelance Writer Needs; These are Must Haves! but if you are freelance writer I recommend you take a look at it. The author, Emily Retherford did a great job providing a list of 10 tools that every freelance writer needs. Even if you just do writing for yourself for you website, newsletter, etc I’d still recommend taking a look at this list of tools.

Again this is another post that I don’t even remember how I found but glad I did! Multitasking is something that I’m pretty sure ALL of us do on a regular basis, if not daily! I know that if I didn’t multitask I wouldn’t ever get anything done. But after reading The Dangers Of Multitasking it’s made me really stop and think about whether it’s benefiting me or not. Sure I feel like I’m accomplishing more but in reality if I really think about it multitasking seems to set me farther back or farther behind. Very interesting read!

If you are a freelance writer, virtual assistant, business coach, etc – anything that has to do with being an online business owner, you need to stop and read Why You Need to Monitor Your Online Reputation. There were a couple things in there of reasons why that I never stopped and thought about.

This post Do You Have Permission to Market? really hit home with me. Not because I’m in the wrong marketing to people that haven’t given me permission but because of the spammy emails I get on a more frequent basis than I like. If I haven’t opted in to receive a newsletter or other information from you I probably don’t want information on your business, etc. But yet I still get emails from people offering their products, etc. Make sure you have permission to market first before you do it! Great post to check out!

For those of you in Direct Sales this is a must read post, If You Wear It Will They Come? Many direct sales companies offer shirts, hats, tote bags, etc that are branded with their logo. She shares that sometimes she sees it appropriate to promote your business by wearing a shirt or hate etc but she also points out that some people try to compensate for their fear of starting a conversation by substituting logo-wear. I’m not a direct sales person but this post caught my eye and I really enjoyed reading it.

WAHM Link Love 4-9-09
April 9, 2009

Brainstorming may seem like such a simple concept but sometimes people really get stuck with it. If you need some ideas on how to help you brainstorm check out this post Let’s Brainstorm Some Brainstorming Ideas. The post shares a few different ideas of options available and one of them really caught my eye – chalkboard contact paper! How cool is that?

Here is a list of 3 things that people do in their businesses that make them look bad. Check out more business practices that make you look bad and make sure you aren’t doing them! You should probably also check out the first post of the series,  business practices that make you look bad.

If you are in direct sales and noticing how saturated the industry is and worried about how you can stand out above the crowd check out Direct Sales Meets Internet Marketing an interview post with a top Watkins consultant that uses internet marketing.

By now most everyone knows what Twitter is. It’s becoming a popular platform that people use not only to enjoy some ‘water cooler’ chit chat but to make business connections, joint venture connections, etc. But everyday there will be more and more people learning about the ever so popular Twitter and for a newbie it can be overwhelming especially if they want to use it as a business platform. Twitter 101: So You Want to Market With Twitter is a great read for the beginner.

The economy and finances are starting to be a sore subject for many. It’s understandable for those losing their jobs left and right. It’s scary being faced with the unknown and having to wonder how you’ll make ends meet. But did you know that Uncle Sam can help you Find Opportunity in Today’s Economy?

Your word is your bond. Many deals have been made on the strength of the word of the parties involved. If you want your word to mean something, create a plan you can live with for your work life and family life. That came from the Having A Plan In Place: Then Follow Through post by Vera Raposo over at Small Business Branding. Sometimes I think people often forget the importance of their word! Don’t give your word about something if you can’t keep it!