WAHM Link Love 4-9-09

Brainstorming may seem like such a simple concept but sometimes people really get stuck with it. If you need some ideas on how to help you brainstorm check out this post Let’s Brainstorm Some Brainstorming Ideas. The post shares a few different ideas of options available and one of them really caught my eye – chalkboard contact paper! How cool is that?

Here is a list of 3 things that people do in their businesses that make them look bad. Check out more business practices that make you look bad and make sure you aren’t doing them! You should probably also check out the first post of the series,  business practices that make you look bad.

If you are in direct sales and noticing how saturated the industry is and worried about how you can stand out above the crowd check out Direct Sales Meets Internet Marketing an interview post with a top Watkins consultant that uses internet marketing.

By now most everyone knows what Twitter is. It’s becoming a popular platform that people use not only to enjoy some ‘water cooler’ chit chat but to make business connections, joint venture connections, etc. But everyday there will be more and more people learning about the ever so popular Twitter and for a newbie it can be overwhelming especially if they want to use it as a business platform. Twitter 101: So You Want to Market With Twitter is a great read for the beginner.

The economy and finances are starting to be a sore subject for many. It’s understandable for those losing their jobs left and right. It’s scary being faced with the unknown and having to wonder how you’ll make ends meet. But did you know that Uncle Sam can help you Find Opportunity in Today’s Economy?

Your word is your bond. Many deals have been made on the strength of the word of the parties involved. If you want your word to mean something, create a plan you can live with for your work life and family life. That came from the Having A Plan In Place: Then Follow Through post by Vera Raposo over at Small Business Branding. Sometimes I think people often forget the importance of their word! Don’t give your word about something if you can’t keep it!


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