WAHM Link Love 5-7-09

Alice Seba shares a top 10 list of reasons why eBook marketing rocks. eBook marketing is a great way to earn an extra few hundred dollars a month or even make a full-time income! It’s inexpensive to get started, you don’t have to do much for the upkeep and the profit margin can be huge!

I missed this post when Carrie Wilkerson first published it last week but glad I found it. Niche marketing is something everyone talks about especially when people are first starting out in business. If you are confused about the whole niche marketing thing you won’t want to miss this post. Carrie does a great job breaking it down and explaining it in easy to understand terms.

Have you always wondered what the trick to getting Google to notice you was? Get friendly with Google: five easy SEO tips is a post you’ll want to read. You will find five easy to do tips that as a blogger you should be doing to optimize your site for search engines.

Organize your day – plan the night before is a no brainer for some. A lot of people find it easier to schedule their time if they plan everything out the night before. Other…well organizing their day doesn’t come so easily. A couple of the reasons you should plan the night before is because you’ll have a better idea of what to expect during the day and you can be proactive rather than reactive when something comes up. But the biggest reason is because knowing what to expect ahead of time will actually help you sleep better!

It’s so easy to put off building a mailing list. People find excuse after excuse as to why they have to wait before starting one. Maybe you think you don’t have enough to share with a list or maybe you are fairly new to online business and feel you need to wait until you have more exposure. But the truth is you need to be building it now. Check out Angela Wills’s post start building your email list now for some tips and tricks on how to start building that list.

Have you thought about taking your marketing to the next level? What’s the next level you might ask. It’s all about digital marketing. If you aren’t sure what digital marketing is or what avenues digital marketing takes this post explains it all.

This post, free eBooks, from being a work at home mom (WAHM) is a 24/7 job got my attention. We all love free right? Well not only are these eBooks that she shares free but there were some great choices to choose from!


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