WAHM Link Love 5-29-09

Ever wonder what you can do with special reports or how beneficial they can be to you? Check out Top 30…No Make That 31…Ways to Earn with Special Reports for 31 tips on how to use them.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Twitter. Who hasn’t? It’s even being talked about on TV now-a-days and some of the stars are using it as well as big name brand companies. It’s a useful tool if used properly but it can also be a time sucker if you don’t watch out. Here are some tips for incorporating Twitter into your daily business routine.

Do you know the difference between marketing and advertising? If you’re like me you might have thought the two were the same, but they are not. They are similar but yet different. Marketing vs. Advertising by Carrie Wilkerson (a.k.a The Barefoot Executive) is a great post that explains the two and sheds some light on the difference.

It’s not a surprise that most people have a fear of public speaking. But you don’t have to be fearful if you have a speaking engagement coming up. Heck maybe you aren’t fearful at all but worry about giving a good speech. Worry no more, Indie Biz Chics recently wrote a post all about giving a good speech!

Have you been tossing around the idea of wanting to joint venture with someone but now sure how to approach them? Angela Wills of Marketers Mojo posted a great video explaining How to Approach a Potential Joint Venture / Affiliate Partner.

Do you offer a newsletter or ezine? You don’t? Well you should 😉 And this post outsource your newsletter or ezine will make you realize that if the thought of having to come up with content for a regular newsletter/ezine overwhelms you that you don’t have to do it yourself!


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