WAHM Link Love 6-19-09

If you offer any type of freebie on your site holding your freebies hostage by Alice Seba is a must read. The post was inspired by another post that she read and she shares a couple comments that were made on the other post. Definitely worth the read!

I found this great post, are you really prepared to work from home over on Your Virtual Assistant blog. Even though I’m already working from home there were some key tips in this post and it was well worth the read.

This post actually comes in two parts. It’s called Lesson Learned. Lesson learned Part 1 talks about how all the links to her free eBooks were bad. She didn’t know how long they were bad or how they even went bad. Lesson learned part 2 she finds out it wasn’t the links at all but the whole website. Moral of the story? Check your links and website on a regular basis.

Do you target moms? Are you thinking about targeting moms? Check out Carrie Lauth’s post Why the Mom Market for some interesting statistics about the mom market. Did you know that companies are spending billions of dollars every year marketing their products to Moms?

Publishing Your Ezine the Pros and Cons is a great post by Carrie Wilkerson. If you’ve been thinking about wanting to publish your own ezine she shares some pros and cons about it with you. For the few cons she lists she also provides solutions to them.

Once again I’m mentioning that content is king. We all know how important it is to our website. It can be hard always coming up with not just fresh content but compelling content. Melissa Ingold provides some tips you can follow to provide compelling content for your readers.


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