WAHM Link Love 6-26-09

If you are looking for a mailing list/autoresponder provider you should head on over to Wahm Talk Radio’s blog and read the post ‘Spark An Idea!’ About Email. Kelly talks about a new provider, MailChimp, she is really loving.

And to carry on with more spark an idea about email themes head on over and see what Susan Payton had to say in her post Eleven Email Marketing Tips.

This post is a little bit older but I just came across it again today and wanted to mention it. A lot of people are using Facebook these days and Mari Smith offers some awesome advice about how to properly use it to get maximum results. Her post Top Ten Tips For Creating BUZZ With Facebook Events is a great read if you are using or thinking about using Facebook to post your events.

Features or Benefits – Which One are You Selling was a stop me in my tracks and think post by Melinda at Wahm Biz Builder. Many people think that to the customer the product is everything and obviously to a certain extent it is. But honestly it’s not as important as you think. Melinda points out what is really important to the customer. It’s definitely worth the read.

Good ole Murphey’s Law. We all know it, some better than others probably. So it’s no surprise that as WAHM’s things happen too. While you can’t prevent Murphey’s Law you certainly can help offset the damage by being prepared. Check out WAHM’s and Murphey’s Law for some pointers on what to do when it strikes.

If you’re a Virtual Assistant, VA Marketing Tip: What Else is a post you should definitely not pass up reading. She suggests that you do one simple task this week for your current clients and past clients. It was interesting to see the suggestion she made. It was all about creating front of mind awareness.


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